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truck wraps: bring the billboards to your audience

display your brand to more people for fewer dollars than ever before. Truck Wrap Advertising reinvents value in OOH advertising with billboards on-the-go, as we can drive them to retail locations, concerts, stadiums, and anywhere your target audience lives, works, or plays. 

fast facts
Semi-Truck on Overpass

of people can recall truck and other mobile ads, while only 58% of ad reviewers remember ads they saw online or on smartphones

of vehicle occupants actively look at truck advertisements at the time of exposure, and

of these viewers make time to search for these advertisements online

commercial truck advertisements are

more effective than traditional advertising media, and a

higher conversion rate

OAAA states outdoor advertising media targeting vehicle drivers and passengers raches more than

of Americans

need more reasons?
(here's a few more)
up to 1/2 the price of traditional billboards
more flexibility and control of when and where people see your ad
better targeting of your audience
track responses in real-time using GPS technology
too big to miss
no switching off, changing channels, or scrolling to avoid
more space for extraordinary imagery than company vehicles
truck wrap locations
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