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core values

core values


get sh*t done

FlyBy Ads was conceived of the entrepreneurial spirit, and at the heart of that spirit lies our mantra "if you have a vision, you can make it happen." that is what we believe and how we operate here at FlyBy Ads. if we have an idea or a task at hand, we do what it takes to get it done, whether that is for a client, vendor, or our own teammate. the solutions will not always be apparent or spoon-fed, but we believe there is always a way. we pride ourselves on continuously poking holes in the "status quo" to improve each day and find the means to bring a vision to life.


add value everywhere

sure, we offer a product, but what any successful business really offers is value. and we believe that extends far beyond the end product or service provided. FlyBy Ads looks for ways to add value to others, internal and external, in our every-day tasks and decisions. not only does this create a trusting and collaborative partnership, but it also helps us empathize and understand our counterparts to stimulate our own growth.


put ego aside

rationality guides our decisions, not emotions. too often, impulsive reactions from our "flight or fight" mechanisms derail us from our objectives, or worse, cause us to communicate in an irreparable manner. we encourage calm, thoughtfulness, active listening, and selflessness when it comes to decision-making, removing our ego from the equation and instead focusing on what is best for all.


live your word

if we say we'll do it, then we do it. anyone can talk the talk, but we commit to living out our word and do so through honesty, transparency, and accountability.


have some fun

what we offer here at FlyBy Ads is cool, it's creative, and it's fun. and that's the same spirit we take with us to each day of work. we don't take ourselves too seriously, and always do our best to keep our personal and business priorities in check. we feel that keeping a handle on this perspective is not only a more enjoyable way to work, but it also makes us significantly more effective at what we do, and how we interact with our clients and partners.

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