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hey there! jordan and jack here, and we head up the flyby team. our mission is to transform unused rooftop space into wonderfully epic advertising media–and we like to have a little fun along the way.

in the summer of 2015, we were flying an average of 200,000 miles and 180 flights per year in our consulting jobs. it was during the descent of one of these cross-country flights, peering out of our plane window when the flyby ads idea struck us. from then on, each flight became a recon mission, and though we both gave up our consulting gigs to pursue flyby ads' development and success, we continue to keep our eyes open (and down) from the skies.

this is not the first time the two of us have joined forces. we were classmates and close friends at vanderbilt university, travel mates during our semester exploring the world, and workmates at our previous consulting employer. our specialties are complementary, and our weaknesses are jabs at our home sports teams, craft beer, and rom-coms. you can find us slicing down the ski slopes, playing spike ball on the beach, or setting up pop-up offices around the country as we grow and expand flyby ads.

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