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Cracked Concrete Wall

Best Site-Specific Campaign

Amazon Prime Video, Rapport, RGA and FlyBy Ads created the largest rooftop ad ever to promote Season 2 of action series Jack Ryan in 2019. Spanning six rooftops and more than 50,000 square feet, the placement was visible to travelers flying into LAX during the day and at night. The illuminated ad drew more than 93,000 online engagements and reached more than 12.3 million consumers on social. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos also posted images of the ad to his more than 1 million followers on Instagram and Twitter. —I.Z.

Cracked Concrete Wall

OBIE Gold Medalist

Sometimes it's just down to putting something in a really smart place, and doing it simply. And I think that’s what these guys did here. I mean, nobody’s not looking out the window as they’re coming into LAX. That’s just a thing that you do when you land in a plane. So it’s taking a behavior and it’s taking a show that is definitely about international travel and jumping around to different places, being on a lot of different planes, and it sort of just gets you aware of this show being back. And it is such an inventive way to use a medium that nobody had thought of before for this placement, especially lit up at night. It’s just a great, great way to get some eyeballs for an idea. -Seth Jacobs

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