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we lease

you buy

you soar

we scan the surrounding areas of hundreds of the world's most heavily-trafficked airports in search of ideally positioned rooftops in close proximity

you select your favorite spot, but we will share our recommendations to maximize impact based on your campaign goals

we install your advertisement using our patented flyby ads rooftop sign systema big, bold, easily interchangeable banner system that is perfect for running ads of all term lengths, from four weeks to four years

you soar above your competition on our rooftops, making your brand stand out from the rest of the cluttered advertising industry

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passengers per year

frequent flyers notice and read airport ads

U.S. passengers per year

unique, isolated ads providing significantly higher retention rates

potential flyers reached With a 3-month ad

passengers are in a senior management role

case study (amazon prime video)


in september of 2019, flyby ads and amazon prime video revealed the release of the second season of the “jack ryan” series with the largest illuminated rooftop advertisement ever executed. 

covering more than 75,000sqft spread over six different rooftops, the signs were intended to turn the heads of travelers landing at los angeles international airport (LAX), and to have a viral effect on social media. this effect was ignited on saturday when amazon CEO jeff bezos posted images of the rooftop signs on his twitter and instagram accounts, reaching his more than 1 million followers on each platform.  

download past rooftop case studies here



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