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rooftop wallscapes

rooftop wallscapes: cover the "5th wall"

think wallscapes...but flat on a rooftop. rooftop wallscapes are a novel yet impactful way to target your audience where they spend a huge portion of their day: in their living quarters or office. rooftop wallscapes are strategically placed to grab the attention of viewers in their high-rise apartments or condos, or at their workplace situated above these signs on the roof. viewing times are virtually unmatched, making this unique OOH media perfect for brand awareness  and highly localized campaigns, alike.

rooftop wallscape locations

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case studies: nordstrom

nordstrom has twice displayed rooftop signs on its flagship store in downtown seattle. with a small number of physical impressions from eyeballs looking on from adjacent skyscrapers, the intent of the campaign was to capture exposure over the internet, targeting social media and other media outlets.

download past rooftop case studies here


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