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Hoist Installation Systems

The patent-pending system cuts down on costs and headaches by removing the need for ladders, lifts, and fall-equipment. 

Elegantly simple.

An internal frame hooks the vinyl banner to a series of springs. That internal frame is then hoisted into the air with ease via ropes and pulleys stationed to the external frame. The internal frame then locks into the external frame, which is then tensioned for a perfectly smooth display using our ratcheting rack and pinion gear system. The frames and vinyl is then locked into place for the duration of the display.

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The product that will save your sanity.

Once initially installed on any wall, Hoist will allow for vinyl banners to be removed and posted with just two general laborers at ground level using only a system of low-force ropes and locks.

Future state process.

The Hoist Installation System mitigates the need for lifts or ladders, and with it replaces a risky, costly process with one of ease and simplicity

General Labor.

Copy changes, once requiring a skilled team to climb multiple stories for postings, now takes place entirely from the safety of the ground. With our simple instruction manual, any non-specialized laborer can complete the process without costly trainings and equipment


Avoid the safety risks to your installers and your company’s liability with a copy change process that can be completed from the ground without any climbing or heavy lifting


Because of the easier and faster installation process and vastly wider pool of laborers capable of doing the job, installation costs will drop significantly resulting in a dramatic increase in profits  

Future state savings.


Annual savings per site


In savings over 30 years per site


Better sleep!

Average costs x 6 changes per year
**1 week of free display time to client due to lack of installer availability
***Includes the Presale discounted one-time Upfront cost of $14,995 (see Slide 21 for more details)
++OPTIONAL: Choosing Hoist-approved installers. Average Hoist Install Labor Cost ($150) x 6 changes per year

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Don't believe it? See for yourself.

Presale Program.

Join our Presale Program before December 10th, 2022 and gain access to extra Hoist benefits and start saving right away. 

A total of

6 Hoist Units

will be sold as part of the Presale Program on a first-come, first-served basis

Once all 6 units have been contracted, standard Hoist rates and benefits will apply.

Presale Pricing Options.

Choose the payment structure that works best for you

Upfront payment.

Pay an upfront, one-time fee of $14,995 and earn massive savings on your Hoist system and install costs in the future.

Hybrid payment.

Put down $6,000 and then pay monthly installments to limit your upfront capital requirement 

Deferred payment.

Pay monthly to minimize risk and allow for your revenue to pay off your Hoist system

*Average savings using our current vs. future state savings calculations

100% Money Back Guarantee,
No Questions Asked

That's right. You heard us. We are so confident in the effectiveness of Hoist, we're putting our money where our mouth is.

Exclusively for those who purchase in the presale window, we want you to have zero hesitation about your decision to join us in this new-era of hassle-free sign installation.

That's why we're offering a 100% money back guarantee on our first 6 units. If at any time you are not completely satisfied with your Hoist system after it is produced, we'll give you 100% of your money back, no questions asked.

We're not happy unless you're happy. That's our promise.

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Easy Financing.

Don't have the capital to purchase Hoist units right now? The Hoist Financing option allows you to make affordable monthly payments over time.

Buy now.

Order your Hoist units with little or no money down.

Save a fortune.

Lower installation costs and risk of injuries means more profit and better sleep.

Pay later.

Pay an affordable monthly rate to help your cash flow and allow your added revenue to pay off your Hoist system

Our Industry-Leading Product Design Partners: Klugonyx

Screen Shot 2022-10-04 at 5.50.41 PM.png

When it came to choosing our product design partners, we wanted the best of the best.

We found them.

After dozens of interviews, we've officially chosen Klugonyx (Salt Lake City, UT) as our official product design partners.

Their goal? Simple: to turn this Hoist vision into reality. Bringing industry-leading product design & implementation expertise to the table, including a track record of several start-to-finish product launches...we've got the best of the best on our side ready to turn this vision into reality in early 2023.

The Hoist Story.

Hoist is founded and created by a fellow-OOH company.

As an independent OOH operator with, at one time, a plant of 16 wallscapes nationwide, we see and feel the pain-points associated with wallscape installations, copy changes, and takedowns. We searched for the right solution, but couldn’t find a system that would alleviate our headaches and save on costs. Beginning in the summer of 2021, we set out to solve this issue for our company and others like us, and, hence, the Hoist Installation System was born.

We grew tired of high installation costs, lift rentals, parking reservations, and the fear of significant injuries. The Hoist installation system is our solution.


The Team and Our Businesses

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Jordan Tannenbaum

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Jack Headshot_2022.png

Jack Delehey

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Founded in 2015, FlyBy Ads specializes in large-format rooftop signs placed on rooftops near the country’s most heavily-trafficked airports. Notable brand partnerships include Amazon Prime Video, Anheuser-Busch, Bottega Veneta, and ABC Disney.

DriveBy Logo Draft 01_edited.png

DriveBy Ads was a more traditional OOH operation consisting of a plant of 16+ wallscapes and dedicated barricades in US markets such as Denver, Los Angeles, and Indianapolis.

Hoist Logo_01252022_edited.png

Hoist was conceived out of necessity, hoping to solve the issues surrounding static OOH installations. The patent-pending system is meant to increase installer safety while decreasing costs and headaches.

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