frequently asked questions

creative/image submission

q: my amazingly creative team has come up with the amazingly creative content for our FlyBy Ad that will knock the socks off our viewers. how do i get that amazingly creative image to you to begin production?

a: wow! that is some amazingly creative content! since your team must have drained their energy coming up with this incredible design, we’ll keep the rest simple. email a high resolution image file to, or share the credentials of your company “dropbox” platform so we can access the files there. acceptable formats are .tif, .eps, .ai, .psd, or high resolution pdf. nothing greater than 300 dpi, and preferably around 150 dpi. we'll be adjusting the artwork to print at full size and convert any file into .tif.

turnaround time

q: our clients often make decisions at the last minute. what is the turnaround time of a FlyBy Ad execution?

a: from the moment you turn in your client’s creative image, close your eyes and count to 10 (business days). you’ll awake to a magical world where your ginormous FlyBy Ad will be displayed in its full gallantry. and they lived happily ever after.

lighting costs

q: i saw your last execution...AT NIGHT! how cool! we want to do the same. can you tell us how much it costs to illuminate our FlyBy Ad?

a: yes…...and no. the lighting component is dependent on the size, dimensions, layout, market, aunt’s SAT score, your 40-yd dash time, etc. our lighting process is extremely flexible, giving you the capability to illuminate your display in a vast array of approaches. as a range, the lighting could add $20-100k in costs to the overall campaign, but it also increases impressions by over 20% and receives national attention in earned media. and unless the lighting request is very unique and far exceeds our normal scope of work, the turnaround time to produce and install should not change.

payment structure

q: wait a second, we didn’t ask about your payment requirements.

a: and that’s why it’s important to cover now. while majestic when completed, a FlyBy Ad requires considerable upfront costs to produce and install. thus, we require Production and Installation Fees be paid upfront when a contract is signed. the additional Media Fees can be paid along your company’s payment guidelines.

other locations

q: i know we asked about a FlyBy Ad in X market for Y event, but I also could see this working elsewhere. where else do you have inventory?

a: unlike ourselves, you’ve got better things to do with your time then read our rattled-off list of market we have roof options. it’d be easier to list where we are not (spoiler: it’s a very short list). FlyBy Ads has a presence in nearly every market with relationships with nearly every real estate owner. you tell us where you want it, and we’ll bring your FlyBy Ad to life.

multi-term discounts

q: 4 weeks? i want a FlyBy Ad forever! but i’ll settle for 4 months for now. do you offer any discounts if i were to agree to a longer term?

a: it’s almost criminal to limit the world’s view of your amazingly creative design to 4 weeks (but we won’t call the authorities). for rewarding the world with a longer display term, we’ll reward you with discounted Media Fees:

a18+ and a21+

q: our brand provides a product or service that isn’t quite PG. how many of our rooftop signs’ impressions are coming from 18+ and 21+?

a: children are the future, but they may not be the right target for your rooftop signs. less than 1% of all ticketed airline passengers are younger than 18, and only 6% of passengers are aged 18-24 (IATA). if distributed evenly, only 3% of passengers are younger than 21.

standard POP

q: what can we expect for POP, proving the sign has been installed and is on full display?

a: our sign sites are carefully selected through an exhaustive process to ensure your sign will be seen by the airline passengers above. because of the close proximity to the flight paths, drones are prohibited from flying in these zones. our included POP consists of pictures taken from the rooftop’s surface, which will prove that the panels have been rolled out and have been fastened together in neat fashion. for views of the signs from above, we strongly recommend our clients add the aerial footage package.

painted signs

q: we own an industrial building perfectly situated on the flight paths in and out of our local airport. your temporary banner signs are super cool, but we’re looking for a long-term branding campaign on top of our own roof that requires no maintenance. do you offer something for that?

a: abso-roof-ly! we provide painting services for long-term displays on all types of rooftops. based on your rooftop surface, we used the proper coatings and paint materials to produce a larger-than-life sign display that proudly boasts your brand for years.

display quality

q: industrial rooftops are ginormo-humungo and sometimes have vents and other equipment! how can you possibly wrap all of that?

a: it’s no easy task, and not all rooftops are created (or built) equal, but as experts on the rooftop medium we go through the painstaking process of reviewing each roof its elements to display each sign at its highest possible quality. that said, roof impediments are part of the platform and a reality of nearly every execution. similar to a bus wrap or other non-flat surfaces, a rooftop sign may have a slight curvature and/or small rooftop equipment poking through the sign in certain pre-strategized points. these irregularities are minor and go unnoticed from the viewers on planes above.

shorter than 4-week terms

q: our sign’s branding targets a specific event; can we shorten our display time to less than the standard 4-week term?

a: yes, we can accomodate any desired display time. however, a display flight less than 4 weeks will incur the same cost and pricing model as a standard 4-week term. if, for example, your sign is to promote a weekend-long event, we recommend displaying the rooftop sign during the 3 weeks leading up to the event and the 1 week following.

forced production

q: is Production forced?

a: the nature of a banner rooftop sign is complex and, at times, intricate. therefore, we handle all Production efforts to optimize your sign’s installation process and overall display.